Introduction of Múzsa Office

The primary activities of our Festival Organising Office include the organisation of cultural programmes and events, arranging the appearance of art ensembles at international competitions and festivals, preparation and arrangement of guest performances and concert tours.

We provide the opportunity for introduction abroad for any art group, regardless of their age group.

Folk dance groups, modern dance groups, brass bands, majorette teams, choirs,
folk music ensembles, instrumental groups in various combinations, formation    dance groups

Competitions, folk festivals, orchestral festivals, church concerts and performances at holiday resorts provide excellent opportunities for an international contest, and for high quality performances in front of the general public.

We place great emphasis on getting to know the natural, architectural and ethnographic assets of the host country’s regions, villages and towns, meeting the people living there and possibly the development of contacts as well.

During the very popular holiday resort festivals, along with entertaining the guests, the groups also have an opportunity to rest and relax.

One of the greatest benefits of competitions, meetings and festivals – along with results, awards, certificates and also gifts – is the friendly relations developing between the participating groups. The art groups arriving from various countries (continents) get to know each other’s cultures, they learn each other’s songs, dances and instrumental music. In many cases relationships develop that last for decades – regardless of politics, religion or age.

As well as the competitions and festivals for representatives of various art forms, comprehensive art programmes are becoming increasingly more popular, where the emphasis is on the diversity of genres rather than on competition. The performing groups can get to know groups representing different genres, and the audience can see a wide range of programmes.

We are looking forward to enquiries and contact from groups.

Múzsa Festival Organising Office

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